56K Dial-up Service

Unmetered Plan*
$20 per month
6 months - $110
1 year - $200

Includes Setup Software

ISDN Services

$20 per month
1 year - $200

Band-Width-on-Demand ISDN*
$28 per month
1 year - $296

128K ISDN*
$35 per month
1 year - $380

Activation Fee for Dial-up & ISDN Accounts - $15.00
(Activation fee is waived on all 6 month and 1 year accounts.)
*Unmetered access is not intended for customers to leave their computers dialed into our system for extended periods of time. Nearly continuous access (anything over approximately 4 hours continuously or 8 hours average per day) requires a full-time dedicated line. Connections that aren't active for a period of time may be logged off to prevent busy signals.

DSL Services

Commercial 1.5Mbps DSL
$80 per month
Activation Fee $90

DSL services require a DSL modem. We can provide these at a very reasonable cost including installation if necessary.

All Internet service accounts include up to 3 e-mail addresses and 5MB of disk space for personal web pages by request.

Other Services

Web Site Hosting
Starting at $8.00 per month, depending on services (Please contact us)

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